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NDC Diamond Mythbusting Report

This Natural Diamond Council report is based on research conducted on behalf of the NDC by respected third-party organisations and other reliable secondary sources - addressing in great detail many myths and misconceptions about the diamond industry. In particular those relating to the environmental footprint of mined diamonds vis-a-vis the lab grown product. A lot of misinformation relating to 'sustainability' still exists and continues to crowd the narrative. Take time to read the full report here and you will walk away enlightened and perhaps better appreciate why the diamond is considered to be the ultimate precious gemstone.

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How does colour influence the price of a diamond?

" A diamond that is well-cut and of high clarity, with a colourless or near colourless grading will always be a better store of value than a diamond that is poorly cut, low in clarity, and has a less desirable colour "
Here is a well researched article from our library about the origin and significance of colour in a diamond. Learn how colour influences the beauty and impacts the value of a diamond. And a host of lesser known facts about colour that will leave you amazed and enlightened and perhaps more confident to embark on your first diamond purchase.

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