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Nancy Marazzi

I had an eternity ring made by Facets, Suresh sat with me for over an hour to understand exactly what I wanted, my budget and even selected some diamonds to show me the sizes once the ring was completed. The ring came in under budget, was ready for me to pick up within 2 weeks and I could not have been happier.

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Extremely happy to have trusted the Facets team with the creation of my engagement ring. Suresh has been genuine and transparent from the get-go. His expertise on diamonds was definitely valuable and reassuring to making such a big decision. Nash was so helpful with her drawings and advice on the creating the bespoke piece.

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Twyla Hartnell

I shopped around and visited other jewellers in SG before finding Facets, so I can say from experience that they are the absolute best in terms of their level of service and craftsmanship. I had my engagement ring reset with them and loved the process and the outcome. I will be a repeat customer again and again.

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Valen Tan

Terrific people, outstanding expertise, personalized and warm service. Contacted the Facets team 5 months ago on a bespoke piece and my experience ever since then have been nothing short of stellar.

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Ailsa Thomas

Would highly recommend the team at Facets. Suresh and his team fixed a broken wedding ring and polished an emerald for me to such a high standard. Their professional, yet friendly approach make this a place to not pass by!

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Jasmine Rabani

I highly recommend getting your jewelry done by the Facets team. Nash has reset my engagement ring twice and both times with stunning results. This final reset is a keeper! They are also very honest in their dealings so you know you are leaving your jewelry in very good hands.

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Wen Bin

Awesome journey I've had with Facets in designing and making my engagement ring. My fiance absolutely loved it! The team is extremely professional and dedicated to ensuring the perfect design and experience for us. Although we are based out of London with a 7-8 hours time difference, the communication between Facets and us was seamless and incredible.

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Prateek Dayal

If you’re looking for a tailored solution for a special occasion with expert guidance throughout the purchase process, look no further than Facets Singapore. Mr Suresh Hathiramani’s help in sourcing the right diamond for my wife’s birthday...was very enlightening!.

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Fay Lam

Worked with Suresh and the Facets team on a bespoke piece and had an excellent experience. I originally made an enquiry via their website and was contacted the day after. It was a smooth and seamless process which involved a consultation on specifications, sourcing, design and fittings and I couldn’t be happier. . .

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David Hood

If you want a wonderful bespoke service where you feel the information you get is genuine, the service is personal and the product is exceptional I can fully recommend Facets Singapore. A family business that deliver above expectations. Thank you for all your help with the selection and making of diamond earrings for my wife.

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Ronnie Ng

Extremely sincere and personalized service, Suresh and Nash take their time to explain and make sure I get the exact diamond and design that I am looking for. My fiancé loved the ring. A big thank you to all!!! 😘

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Tom Murray

With Nikhil and the team at Facets help we created an engagement ring that suited my Fiancé perfectly, and one that we are both incredibly happy with. Even though I was buying internationally from Australia, I immediately felt a sense of trust with their team, thanks to both their clear expertise and also their genuine care factor.

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Kenneth Koh

Had a really positive experience with Facets when shopping for an engagement ring!

The team in Facets were very patient with me (a first time buyer) and helped me select a diamond from their wide collection, that perfectly met my price and requirements. I enjoyed the process thoroughly, and have no regrets buying from them.

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Ankur Sinha

I felt like I was dealing with with a friend rather than someone trying to "sell me" something i had very little idea about. The proof in the pudding was when he convinced me to buy something slightly less expensive than my original choice! For a significant investment (such as an engagement ring) Facets Diamond allowed me to make an informed choice that I have not regretted (and made my wife happy!!)

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Ryan Wiener

There is something about a family- run business.. Located in a smaller size office, always with friendly smiles to greet the guests. I walked into this with zero knowledge of what to expect and within minutes, my worries went away. In the back of my head I knew exactly what I wanted, but it took the team at Facets to bring that to reality.

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Sayan Gulino

Can't say enough about how happy I am with what I got from you guys. Thank you and thank you. She loved the diamond ring and its absolute intricacy in detailing. Besides that, it felt like it was a personal ring, not something that has been copy and pasted by every other jewelry store...

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Shaun Tan

The diamond I originally had set my sights on was unfortunately sold to a customer after I took some time to decide, and Nikhil kindly reached out to his international network to help me secure a similar stone of equal brilliance within 3 days. Service second to none!

I'd gladly recommend Nikhil and the Facets team to anyone considering precious stones for their loved ones.

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Brianna Russell

Thank you so much for helping Dan sneakily arrange our Singapore engagement. I was blown away!
The diamond and ring are more than perfect for us. Sending the warmest wishes from here in Australia to the Facets "family".
-highly recommended!

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Ruby Morgan

Nikhil and the team were the most accommodating and skilled people I could hope to work with to create my dream ring. They provided a wealth of information in choosing a setting and stone and were ever patient with my questions. I was nervous having it made remotely in Singapore whilst I was in Argentina but they ensured it was exactly what I was after. . .

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Dhruv Sahgal

Nikhli and Suresh were extremely helpful in helping me select my fiancé's engagement ring. Personalised service, and honest opinions, Facets is a gem (pun intended) in a business which commonly is transactional and unpersonalized.