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Craftsmen & Designers

Personalised services —for designers and craftsmen. We support local designers and craftsmen with customised diamond supply and encourage the fine art of handmade diamond jewellery.

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Supporting our craftsmen

One of our priorities has always been to be a trusted partner to designers, craftsmen and jewellery boutiques. Besides offering loose diamonds in all sizes (half points until 30 points) in consistent assortments, Facets treasures the unique relations with designers and craftsmen who promote the fine art of diamond jewellery creation.

Whether it's a French jewellery designer operating in Bali, an indigenous craftsmen fabricating Peranakan jewellery in Penang or a top designer boutique in Singapore, Facets strives to be part of their creative process by providing specific tailor made diamond supply, advice and value-added services.

We excel in areas that demand meticulous accuracy and expertise - often this entails specially matched qualities, specific sizes, matching pairs, and diamond recuts to fit into design.

Did you know?
Diamonds come in many colours other than white, yellow and brown - these are known as ‘fancy colours’ and are considered rare

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Dealer Services

We have developed a strong and loyal relationship with diamond wholesalers as well as dealers in Asia and around the world.

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Jewellery Manufacturers

We specialise in working with small and medium-sized jewellery manufacturers to help them succeed in today’s competitive business environment.

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For more than four decades, Facets has been a privileged partner of jewellery retailers in Singapore and South-East Asia. Diamonds are what we do best.

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