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Jewelry  Resetting | Facets Singapore

Gem & Jewellery Resetting

Diamonds are indeed forever. Connect with past generations. Refresh family heirlooms. We make that happen for you!

Let us refresh and modernise your story

A generation in gemstones

Every diamond has its story, but heirloom and vintage diamonds come not only with a story of their creation, but a story of their life lived in companionship with their owners.

Sustaining your legacy

As a second generation family business, Facets understands the importance of the story, the importance of sustaining a legacy. The meanings behind your diamonds and precious gemstones are as precious to us as they are to you. Let us help you breathe new life into your vintage and heirloom collections.

Did you know?
A diamond’s clarity is based on the degree to which blemishes or inclusions are present inside the stone.
White Gold or Platinum?

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To make that decision

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A full range of polished diamonds in stock at Facets-Singapore
Loose Polished Diamonds

Strong industry relationships give Facets access to the best GIA® certified diamonds from the world's premier diamond cutting centres. At internationally competitive prices.

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Bespoke jewelry and engagement rings  |  Facets Singapore
Bespoke Jewellery

Facets’ design team handcrafts bridal and contemporary jewellery ranging from the simple to the stunning, using Facets' diamonds or your own prized possessions. The excitement of sharing in the creation of your bespoke piece is very real.

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Exquisite 3.20 carat round brilliant GIA certified diamond
Diamond Brokerage

Let Facets’ experts determine a tailored strategy to help diversify your assets with diamonds. Drawing on our connections and expertise accumulated over more than 40 years.

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Re-modelling your heirloom jewellery

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