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Bespoke Jewellery and Engagement Rings

Selecting a diamond is only half the story - you came to us because you seek something special. Facets has a dedicated team of in-house designers, passionate and creative with a flair to express whatever you imagine onto paper. Discover the unmatched custom made jewellery experience at Facets Singapore

Walk the bespoke journey with us - here's how

Inspired by you and handcrafted by us

Be it a classic solitaire engagement ring or a flamboyant pendant, a not-so-simple earring or a bridal gift. We first draw it the traditional way by hand and then create a 3D wax print or an exact rendering for your approval before the jewellery is crafted to exact specifications. Made in Singapore by the hands of the most skilled craftsmen, then finished using the most modern techniques in the precious metal of your choice.

For a truly unique experience

The Facets experience is unlike any other jewellery shopping experience. From your first appointment to the point of final delivery of your piece, our attention to detail and to the successful completion of your bespoke journey are of utmost importance to us. We deliver above and beyond.

Here are just some of the bespoke jewellery creation services we provide:

  • Diamond Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands
  • Fashion Rings
  • Tennis Bracelets and Bangles
  • Earrings
  • Pendants & Necklaces
Did you know?
A diamond’s Cut grade is all about how well its facets interact with light.
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