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Polished Natural Diamonds

Strong industry relationships and a 40 year history in the trade give Facets access to the best GIA® certified diamonds from around the world. When you combine this with our buying expertise, what you get is a diamond of unmatched value. Brought to you direct form the world's premier diamond manufacturing centres.

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GIA® Trained Professionals

With 40 years of experience, our GIA® trained professionals guide you through the process of choosing the ideal diamond for any occasion. Only 0.1% of gem-grade diamonds worldwide meet our selection criteria. All our diamonds above 0.30 carats come accompanied with a GIA® grading report and have been hand selected to meet our exacting standards. We are known in the trade for our consistency of grading, on-time delivery and fair trade practices.

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Exceptional Quality

A diamond's intrinsic value is in its brilliance. Facets' strict criteria on diamond selection mean only the finest cut and accurately graded diamonds are offered for sale. We stock only the best make Triple Excellent (3 Ex) certified round and ideally proportioned fancy shaped diamonds further emphasizing our belief that the true value of a diamond lies in that unique combination of its brilliance and rarity! Come visit us to understand why our customers keep coming back.

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Conflict-Free Natural Diamonds only

We only buy diamonds from the most respected international suppliers who, like us, proudly adhere to the traceability and chain of custody protocol established by the Kimberley Process. Facets is one of the longest serving member of the Diamond Exchange of Singapore, a member bourse of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB). We are a licensed precious stones dealer regulated by the ACD division of the Ministry of Law of Singapore.

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Direct from Global Suppliers

Gain exclusive and direct access to the world of diamonds. We deal only in conflict free natural diamonds, ethically sourced from our global supply network spanning 4 continents - shipped direct from renowned polishing factories which firmly abide by fair labour practices and established environmental protection standards - delivered straight into your hands.

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